Creature Feature

Took a photo-stroll through the Houston Arboretum and found the pond by the Woodway parking lot abuzz with critters. July 19, 2021.

Flame Skimmer (or Neon?)
Blue Dasher
Blue Dasher
Yellow Garden Spider
Brazilian Skipper
White Stripe Longtail (skipper)
Spicebush Swallowtail

(All IDs subject to scrutiny but I’m not saying it unless I believe it.)

Call Me Ishmael

In the first place, I did not know that cormorants hunt in packs.

At Brays Bayou in Houston, TX this morning I witnessed a flock of maybe 40 in an absolute feeding frenzy, working their way downstream in a tight grouping and spreading terror, no doubt, throughout the fish community below. I captured some surface turmoil at one point and later discovered this huge fish had burst into the air to the amazement of everyone, including the cormorants.

Anyway, I had no idea there were fish this big in the local bayous. What do I know? Next to nothing, apparently.