End User Disagreement

This poem has access to your heart
and aspects of your mind, your soul.
Digestion too may be affected
your things held dear won’t be neglected.

Your sense of meter, and the pacing
might not go your way, and then
your notions all of right and wrong
like paper shredded, won’t be long.

Try my bias on for size it
doesn’t fit, too bad now try
the way I like to juxtapose
a wedding ring and garden hose.

Now look at how those last two lines
are made to rhyme, how hackneyed
can you get? Well wait and see
the verb and subject won’t agree.

What hope is there for this thing
dear reader, have you any thoughts?
Hope is what the hopeless lack,
your luck’s run out so watch your back.

Before we get on any further
sign you must these legal docs.
They say that you can’t mount a claim
and that you’re stupid, dull, and lame.

Enough of this damn thing you say
indeed but you’re still reading it.
How to wrap it up, no clue
so lump it pal, and up yours too.