No Worries

What direction leads you home,
away from home you go, away from

Good night to möbius day, the
pitcher pours but empties what it

Tinder your worries, the blaze
of all concerns, the smoke of all

The heart and marrow, the callused
feet, the weary find their lotus

I will stack my own bones
at the feet of the universal worthy

The Primordial Buddha is called Samantabhadra (Tib. Kuntuzangpo) which means Universal Worthy. To meet this Buddha, look nowhere but directly at your own mind. They say your Buddha Nature is identical to Samantabhadra’s Buddha Nature. Wherever you go, there you are: you are already home so all directions lead away. Then night leads to day in a kind of endless möbius strip where a pitcher fills itself by emptying itself into itself. The dog chases its own tail. So let our worries be the tinder to the bonfire of our vanities. With concerted effort we find the effortless release, the lotus seat. We will accomplish the impossible as a service to beings, I pray at the feet of Kuntuzangpo.