The Nemodine

trout fishing in america shorty
likens selfsearching soulbends and
thatch bugs all racy bongbilges to
netted bintatters and cavendorm happs
(and the nemodine naps on a sallowended sasslap
the pleasurebits puff and tartop goo
awaybid and gone the
spatnips and candledips fury)

the last bottle of wine
in the universe a-go-go
zips and headmingers all of a piece
dance and screwdabble slurpgully
mankos and liverspots and breels
(the nemodine prats his poorpopple snaps
and gortended peepers
allowgot and longtomb floral)

san francisco bid a fond farewell
to the wheelchaired gimpany and
abooted pongshop kappatik and
rainbit battalip of his whory face
bungscent in nosebone shandles
(the nemodine raps on his placaphors’ back
needlip and neednone
he kneedeeps in songbelch blather
that damneeded livelong dayjob)

—with all due respect to Richard Brautigan and James Joyce

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