you’d already gone
when I found your signature
in feathers, hollow bones

I found this Clapper Rail the other morning, dead on the side walk in front of the book store where I work in downtown Galveston, Texas. I am a bit perplexed at the implications of this strange event, as this is one of my favorite local birds and I feel a kind of kinship or affinity with them. They are somewhat secretive marsh inhabitants, virtually never seen away from the reedy wetlands where they live. I wonder what connection I may have with this creature, that it strayed so far from it’s natural digs only to expire in a place I was sure to find it?

Some Clapper Rails I have photographed over the last few years:





8 thoughts on “Rail

  1. In Toronto, a city of immense skyscrapers, we see dead birds all over our sidewalks – after them slam into the windows at night – very sad indeed.


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