On my hands and knees
before a line of ants
on a busy sidewalk,
look out!

You’re going to get
stepped on!

Stay down in this
expansion line where
the shoes can’t crush you!

The ants don’t hear me,
they don’t even know
I am there.

So I switch tactics and
begin to plead with the pedestrians.

Look out!

There’s ants down here!

Be careful not to step on them!

(Is that guy dialing the police?)

While the carnage plays out
in near total ignorance
at our feet, my antics are
putting a kink in society’s style.

And the ants, for their part,
would probably be scandalized
to see me interrupting the
flow of marching pedestrians.

Well, if it were truly
well enough, I would leave
well enough alone.