Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism, well there’s a really easy way. Stop participating in it.

The thing about Noam Chomsky is that he doesn’t even have to be mostly right. If 10% of what this man says about how power operates in the world, and I mean any 10% (you get to pick), then most main stream assumptions about the US’s role in the world are cast into serious doubt.

(photo: screen grab from Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in our Times.)

4 thoughts on “Chomsky

  1. There always was terror & sadly it may continue to exist in new modes & formats. Clearly the old style nationalist terror gangs merely sought political jobs & a seat at the UN & were prepared to fudge their agendas. They have vanished into history but the carnage they created must not be forgotten. Now we have terrorists seeking total victory & everybody is a target who is not on their side. They value war whilst their rivals cannot stomach it.


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