P. surinamensis

Surinam is a comely lass
the greenhouse cockroach from the East
the females of this species need

no male to make a buggy brood
and offspring many she will breed
and in the greenhouse gas

they dwell, and life is good
except in May, his ardor freed
the useless male seems lost, alas

My affection for this creature stems from the fact that they are never seen indoors, like the other roaches that invade my space, but only in garden soil. They have spread from their Indomalayan origins via the export of potted exotics in which they have burrowed into the soil. Populations occur in tropical to temperate climates, and are nearly all female, as is the specimen pictured here, told by the length of her wings. The male has longer wings which cover the entire body. No one is saying whether or not these creatures make whoopee for fun, there being no reproductive need, but for the sake of the males one can hope. They might, in seeking relief from the boredom, turn to sports and alcohol which rarely works out well in the long run and in which case they might just as well disappear from biosphere altogether.