Livid, Vibrating

your connect-the-dots zodiac
birth sign hagiographic self-conception
secure pass-phrase emoji MRI and
legendary forum rants, forged fingerprints
and PGP private keys, your hacks
your manbuns, the mismatched coffee shop furniture
predating the astronomy of sack-headed kidnapees
in the trunks tomorrow’s flying ubers
like sunsets in outer space
or what insurance agents call benefits
the darkness between the stars
that took light-years to get here
got here, darkness disguised as
light waves streaking past the sun
in yellow, no orange, now red
naked under blankets, now logo blue
calling at odd hours, texting
reaching the mole-like cavitation of
your last hideout, an attic maybe
a false front bookshelf door
where you can hide
from this economy that gigs you
the adverts that target you
where validity still has its passport and
your appeals to reason don’t fall
upon deaf alarm clocks
middle management ID badges
and livid, vibrating smart phones