Understanding is alright
as far as prisons go, though

not understanding is better
than misunderstanding.

One foot follows the other.
Once movement is begun

it is difficult to stop,
hence, the strange treasure,

the halting dissonance of
“I don’t know.”

Knowing things obviously is fine and necessary. The insight of the East is that attachment to knowledge as the vehicle of truth is an error. We gnaw at what we know. We can never leave well enough alone. Is truth something that would submit to such nonsense? Consensus maybe, but consensus is just an agreement to stop arguing. To stop gnawing.

Photo: my old bird-feeder, nay rat-feeder.

9 thoughts on “Gnawing

    1. Sure, anything you like. You mean something other than a reblog? And thanks for the many reblogs you’ve done from this page. You put me in the company of some high profile thinkers, which is hilarious to me!


      1. Thanks . I mean an actual quote from this poem. As far as the haphazard marketing of your considerable talent, I truly just wanted to share good things with folks I’ve found in my bloggy neighborhood. Stay tuned. 🙂


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