fledgling Blue Jay
seems bewildered to be
in the world, what
a peculiar urge

to leave the nest, without
a second thought
to do, and do and rest

in a place where
every moment is
a kind of birth canal
squeezing us out, into
the next, and for what

—to do our best

Young Blue Jay photographed June 28th, 2018, in Galveston, TX where they are said to be somewhat rare.

4 thoughts on “Fledgling

  1. A baby Jay recently hid in our thick garden — found homeless in an not-quite-ready state (kicked out of the garden of Eden or fallen we do not know) — I’m hoping our earth bound shelter gave it the time needed to finish flying lessons and that our dogs (trained well to respect the flighted ones) kept the neighboring cats peripheral. This is a lovely verse. Thank you.

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      1. I hear you. Like a mother hen I followed around trying to protect. But at some point it was gone. I hope it returns to our back yard bird feeder. 🙂


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