Making It

If thinking is what makes the world
then fish thought up the sea.
And earth worms thought about the soil
that’s how it came to be.

When monkeys put their minds to it
they thought up all the trees.
And flowers spread their pollen wide
by thinking up some bees.

The air itself, it drifted in when
lungs began to swell.
Then eardrums, bored with all the silence
thought us up a bell.

Then humans got their bellies full and
crafty, they construed:
They started thinking “what if we,” and
now we’re nearly screwed.

5 thoughts on “Making It

      1. Well then now that the votes have been counted I add myself to the half that says “brilliant” – which now makes that opinion the majority. I defend this poem IS brilliant by any criteria you choose. You “simply” have to live with it however you can. – 🙂 Douglas

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