DIY No-Sew Bandana Facer


20″ bandana
Paper coffee filter
Large wire-tie
2 small key rings

To reiterate what’s coming from the authorities: we should consider that we may be infected and not know it. Makeshift face coverings do help to contain infectious micro-droplets from flying all over the place when you exhale, but don’t do as much as far as filtering out airborne particles when you breathe in.

Many examples already exist for doing face coverings with at-hand materials. Mine uses one of those big wide wire-ties that come on coffee bags to create a stiff bendable ridge across the top of the mask to snug it up across the bridge of your nose. Bandana material does not do so well as a filter, so I added a paper coffee filter into the fold. Vaccuum cleaner bag material would be good as well.

This facer will not need strings or ear loops, it just ties up at the back of your head. You can experiment with the folds to get a size that works for you.

Place the wire-tie into the folds.

Rolling at the top and bottom helps bulk up the material around the edges for a better seal.

Gather up each side near the edge of the coffee filter and secure with a small ring or rubber band or hair tie. They make extra-small key rings that I found to be perfect as far as adjustability goes. When you’re out shopping, keep your distance from people, stay relaxed and breathe shallow. It’s no fun at all to wear but honestly, these are dangerous times. Lots of people were wearing a wide variety of facers at the Kroger’s yesterday so I fit right in.

You can see the keyring cinches on each side, nicely adjustable.

Don’t get it. Don’t spread it.

Illustrations by me using GIMP.

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      1. Heh heh, most of us do! Been spending most of my time in the garden and greenhouse. Am in self imposed isolation (no community contact for 17days now). A young friend does my grocery shopping for me. Please be safe!


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