Facial Recognition

I have grown into this face
the way I walk into rooms:
scratching my head and wondering
"What did I come in here for?"

The kind of recognition
that I find in mirrors is
like a story, recrafted each time
to fit a mood or expectation

The eyes locate themselves
on the face (where eyes expect
to find eyes) and within them
that detailed exposé
—a state of being, the real
meanings in all the sunken ships
that set sail from our parted lips

If a trace of us remains
in the bones we leave behind
then let the carbon elements
write their epigrams into the fossils
while evolution selects for
a deeper kind of vision

Because it's not me that
I really want to see
but the essence of the who
in you, and you, and you
and for this, the mirror
simply will not do