Totemus Texicanus

House sitting outside the loop while friends visit Dallas this weekend. I’m struck by this line of gargantuan utility towers marching down the center of the easement behind the property. Photo taken just before sunrise and given some filter whammy for a kind of Hockneyesque look.


I am halted in my tracks
by the vacancy of its eye socket

The gift of flight
ought to have served it better
but nothing comes and goes
like bodies and dust

In terms of yoga
the ad hoc cemetery becomes
the mandala of the deity
whose likeness in all things
appears in the absence 
of our unwieldy projections

Now fingering beads on a mala
like counting bones at a dig
and nothing comes and goes
like tallied digits

sol wa dep


Photo (CC BY-SA) 2021. A decaying unidentified bird’s head.

The Heavens Cleave

Birds, they see everything
        this is why the angels have their wings
        where the heavens cleave
        to subtract us, and why
        pillows are filled with feathers
        so to break the fall

Like a church's vaulted ceilings
        they fly, tracing arches
        wedding the heights to the motions
        of our base arguments
        in grounded, plodding tethers
        as we look everywhere but up
        and wonder, 'is this all?'

(May 11, 2021: taking a 2 week pause from social media. Peace and happiness!)

Photo (CC BY-SA) 2021, Blue Grosbeak with Prisma filter.