Self Adhesive

I look to make minor improvements
In the way I remember my life
And select very carefully the things
I bother to remember at all

Always endeavoring to be the best
Person I can remember being

Patching up the gaffes and goofs
As they appear (if they even dare to)
And doing a damn fine job of it too
If memory serves

Me, oh my.

If there’s an I that I can see
it’s me that sees it, got it? See?
If there’s a you that sees us too
then count us: one, two three.

But if your you has also two
like me and I, one tally more.
That I and me and you and yours
would make it… two, three, four.

My alter-ego checked my math
and says it rather stinks.
We have six personalities,
he says. They’re out for drinks.

Your alter-ego, may I know
the head count please? I’ll wait.
Eleven more and counting? God!
Well, this is bonkers, mate.

I wish the I and me, and you
and yours, and all the others well.
I’m quite perplexed (or is it me?)
and how about you? Do tell.