aphidic bluegray notions

silversiding mistcrammed pots
in birdstreaked, heavenfold atriums
milk of chatty pinkshades

these prizecobbling cloudroses
ignite the eyeball’s glowcubbies

invertebrate backbone of night
busy umbrellaed visionaries
eggshell sprinkle tender skyplots

many aphidic bluegray notions
salt the caustic shakers

tectonic nightingales hold
in the logjam of scantdreaming

break fast at dawngleam
unthinking bud of bloom
raypeeking the optic nerve

along daynight’s easement


in the North where
the beauty wears magnificent trees
and glacial rock sculptures
they still have to borrow sky
from Texas, Texas is nine parts sky
and blanketing above, that
cloud-boil, above the cities too
where the deer trails are paved
is not a place, not kept, not held, no vault
an Olympic tangle of mind and air
roads chalkline straight
tide pools French-curve shallow
horizon a dazzling shaft of lightsaber
and skylight so thick
you could build a house on it
and think about retiring

Cloud Prone

your puffed up gaudy display
does not impress me yet
seeing one without
seeing them all
I can wait a day or
a decade (how long have I got?)
and each one of them
belched off your assembly line
is better than the last
and I will withhold my applause
until it's over, or until
I am over