The Dictionary of Nil

We've begun work on a new dictionary.

It is composed entirely of non-existing words
defined by other non-existing words.

It is a closed system, completely
saturated with non-meaning.

It is not a reference work, it is
a container of ontological vacuity.

It is not something that will
actually exist.

It is the idea of the rumor of a
thought, an informational contagion.

Its reference invades innocent words
like a virus invades cells.

It propagates through the air
by word of mouth.

It harnesses the power of vocabulary
to insinuate non-meaning into
the collective unconscious.

Without a basis for existence, it
establishes itself by implication.

It is a harmless harm, seemingly
naught, an echo of itself.

The biggest threat to its conceit is
that you will forget all about it.

And tell no one.