Me, oh my.

If there’s an I that I can see
it’s me that sees it, got it? See?
If there’s a you that sees us too
then count us: one, two three.

But if your you has also two
like me and I, one tally more.
That I and me and you and yours
would make it… two, three, four.

My alter-ego checked my math
and says it rather stinks.
We have six personalities,
he says. They’re out for drinks.

Your alter-ego, may I know
the head count please? I’ll wait.
Eleven more and counting? God!
Well, this is bonkers, mate.

I wish the I and me, and you
and yours, and all the others well.
I’m quite perplexed (or is it me?)
and how about you? Do tell.

Ego Stravinsky


apart we see ourselves to be
together now and then we are
but not as if to stay that way
the long and friendly chat
then later cold and bitter spat

the mental construct of me and I
is cast upon the world at large
a full theatrical production of
ego’s fitful me-go-round
this through meditation found