Madam, I’m Adam

So it came to pass that Adam and Eve were seduced by a serpent who’s every word split at the fork of his tongue and produced the multiplicity of countless things and their names. A new garden of endless variety. For the serpent, a cake walk. The vision must have sold itself.

What grand excellent simplicity must have preceded the fall into knowledge. The shear emptiness of things obliterated by the explosion of facts about their qualities. Time itself will be exhausted by the endless examination and tabulation of the many things and their qualities.

What the fable calls knowledge, we call ignorance. The tree which bears the forbidden fruit grows from its roots in the mind. What the fable calls forbidden, we call mistaken. The blush of shame blooms from its basis in a dream where a self has staked its claim in a universe opposed, and strategies begin to percolate in their pots.

Eve and Adam were not expelled from the paradise of unadorned reality, they left of their own volition. The serpent’s name may well have been Volition.