One Hundred Years of Attitude

The poem half belongs to the reader.

The poetry, the novel. Writers shepherd things into place, they are just words after all. The reader does half the lifting. But once they start gorging on films of literary origin, the teeth of the imagination begin to rot.

Consume the processed product of someone else’s imagination? Take the sirloin in pill form why don’t we. No gristle to pick from your teeth. Literature ignites the imagination, that’s what reading does. Watching a flickering screen, it is numbed. The imagination is anesthetized. But by all means, let Neflix make a Game of Thrones out of Garcia-Marquez, what could go wrong? Youth are remaking the world as we speak, it is not ours any more, us old farts. I worry about all the wrong things.

I have attitudes that mean nothing to anyone but me. They are like my children. I give them names and watch them grow up. Weep when they do poorly in school, or start stealing cars. It is a derangement I hold dear. One Hundred Years of Solitude will no doubt become the Breaking Bad of magical realism. It does not touch me. I have already built my own copy of that world.

Ever so slowly, I rise, and applaud.

The Bourne Perplexity

honed skillsets
every move precise
deeply ingrained, every how
but not a trace of why
the headaches
he can remember everything
but who he is

identity is a mystery
for the trained assassin
and the shift worker

look at what they
made you give

Film Haiku No. 4

Children of Men (2006)
Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Michael Caine


hippie Michael Caine
Clive Owen with a hip flask
tries strawberry cough


world has gone to shit
immigrants are scapegoated
sounds familiar


grimy dark future
humankind is infertile
an apt extinction

Film Haiku No. 3

Rounders (1998)
Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Gretchen Mol, #spoilers


a dodgy friendship
ensnared by his loyalties
missteps and hard knocks


an interest in law
interferes with his calling
this hold’em genius


Teddy’s cookie tells
that ace could not have helped him
he flops a nut straight

Film Haiku No. 2

Song to Song (2017)
Terrence Malick | Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender


wandering in vast spaces
a face, in close-up


they speak, digress, turn corners
romance and friction


we breathe, movement and gesture
time, going sideways

Prime Time

the even number community
bolsters pride
in its fabulous wealth
of integer factors

as the prime number
elites remain aloof
in the rarefied air
of exclusivity

the algebraic equation
is a bit smug
having solved for X
in an abstract balancing act

and the methods of calculus
have long forgotten
their perch on the shoulders
of the lowly plus and minus

the mathematics of movement in
all these dreams
persists after dawn
in the calculating daylight

the illusions within their
clouds of persistence are indeed
a wonder to behold
with or without the proofs