we shouldn’t be surprised
when, sometimes things
they fall together

since fall is how they
came apart, in season
cycles, moult and feather

adopt a tune, sing
rain or shine, what is it
after all, but weather

Buying Garlic

I don’t believe in vampires.
I don’t believe in garlic
either: I mean how
wonderful it is.
It’s unbelievable!
Then, the complete absence
of vampires, I suppose
should not be discounted.
Don’t be ungrateful.
Embrace your good fortune
as it comes, but do
buy garlic.


before you venture out today
and enter in the mix
you try to guess what folks will say
or do with stones and sticks

before it gets a chance to play
its hand or get its licks
you preconceive the coming day
anticipate its tricks

but lucky omens like to say
go make your lotto picks
while things that actually come your way
defy you just for kicks

with nighttime comes the gloomy gray
so light your candle wicks
tomorrow comes another day
my goodness, what a fix