Finale from 200 Motels

I’d forgotten what a brilliant piece this was when it popped into my mind and I had to track it down on YouTube. Somber, flamboyant, richly melodic, cheeky, irreverent, beautiful, crazy set piece with Ringo Starr as a Frank Zappa doppelganger. I saw the film in its original theatrical release in Tampa, Florida back in the day.

Pay to Play

a little of this self pity
it sure goes a long, long way
so, she didn’t love you back
oh man, you feel all betrayed
feeling sore and hurting
on your little feet of clay
man up dude, and let it go
and hear what Zappa say*
broken hearts are for chumps, boy
you has got to pay to play


* paraphrasing, for your delicate ears.