Gender Blender

A Social Researcher named Fender
Mixed HE, SHE, and IT in a blender
But the sample got out
And it spread all about
Now we all get to pick a new gender

* For the record, please refer to me as He, Him, or “Hey You!”


So they say it escaped from a lab
Who cares 'cause I still got my jab
There's no need to ask
I will still wear a mask
As I flee the crime scene in a cab

Four Seasons Total Satisfaction

The election results are now clear
And loser, you're out on your ear
We wish you the best
Just kidding, we jest
Now choke on this summons, you hear?

I am embarrassed by my own ill will here, but damn I’m tired and I don’t feel well. What should be a joyful win for decency is soiled by the fact that we are still a country with 70 million MAGAs who are not going anywhere. Who will be the next fascist fuck these grousing lack-wits glom onto? He’ll be a smart one next time, none of this keystone cop coup d’etat bullshit. He’ll have a major political party behind him again too, just like his predecessor.

Am I wrong? Please tell me I am wrong.


With solid red states turning blue
They're throwing out votes by the slew
Sow confusion and doubt
To suppress the turnout
What elsewhere the folks call a coup


I admit that the place is not fancy
but why you object I just can’t see
yes, the kitchen’s a mess
but you’ll see, more or less
like a picnic, it’s rugged and antsy