Martin Luther could hardly relax
’til the Church was informed of the facts
with his brow in a frown
he wrote them all down
but the dime store was fresh out of tacks

#TBT – originally written during my limerick phase back in the 1980s. One day, this will be 500 years old as well.


think twice when you plant the Ruellia
it spreads like the devil I tell’ya
this wild petunia
takes over and soon’ya
be sad that this curse has befell’ya

(I like that the last line feels
forced into submission by an angry man
with a mallet, which is not far
from the truth.)


The Zealot will never desist
From his preaching and shaking his fist
Up in heaven his spot
Is reserved and he’ll not
Be forgotten nor will he be missed

A Gentle But Stubborn Heresy

The Electron can hardly decide
To display an appearance or hide
The spark of synapses
Wave function collapses
The seer and seen coincide

If you wave to me I will take it as a sine

Aside from Einstein’s mind-bending notion of time as a dimension, Relativity also means that the data point D on the sine wave above is a part of the sine wave only in relation to all the other parts. Without that relationship it is a meaningless piece of data: an amplitude at a point in time. The waveform is like our breathing in and out, charting out the states between lung-full and lung-empty. But there is no point in time or thing you can isolate as a breath. It is a process, not a thing. Continue reading “A Gentle But Stubborn Heresy”