2017 #MeToo Haiku Revue


    each conquest a brick
    now tied to his flabby neck
    long walk on short pier


    as young as they were
    he felt they were old enough
    and we do mean felt


    the king of standup
    single handedly ruined
    all self pleasuring


    he read Lolita
    as a self-help dating guide
    Alabama rules

Bawdy Weather

a carnal hungry chilly breeze
blows down the lane do what it please
cold fingers creepy up my blouse

and down my panties behind the house
trump my ta-tas he grope my dinkies
lickity split up and down my pinkies

I say weatherman! make it stop!
he say what girl, I ain’t no cop
I ask him isn’t it your duty?

he say “girl don’t you shake no booty
arctic harveys will blow on down
to pinch your cheeks and run your town”

I called that boy a punk and left
to find my sisters, all bereft
we got together and called the news

fuck you, weather: go sing the blues