If on the day that Columbus set sail for the new world you began to make $5,000 per day and continued to make $5,000 per day until this very day, you would still not be a billionaire. You’d be getting close, but not quite. Go ahead and check the math. This is what we should keep in mind every time the word billion or billionaire gets tossed around.

Think how you might justify earning that much money. I tried and came up blank. Nobody earns that kind of money. Most are born into it. A lot of them just plain steal it through legal means, the law being something crafted by those who hold all the power and money.

Go ahead and call me a Marxist for bringing it up, but you’re a fucking dupe and an idiot if you work for a living and actually admire these motherfuckers.

The above example has been floating around the net. I did not think it up myself.

Letters Home


today I saw a big blue dot
it hovered in the air
it hovered over here and also
hovered over there

it hovered when I closed my eyes
and I do not care
to tell you I could even feel it
hover in my hair

the big blue dot it changed to red
then yellow on a dare
it split in two and each in two
again to fill the air

the dots they now invade my being
nothing else is there
can you please send money
more of this I cannot bear