decoding the cipher of dharmas
the pecking order of eggs and chickens
the solution is found resting
on the back of an elephant

ask an Englishman if it’s tea time
or if the sun will set on his empire
Atlas who bears the weight of it all
has to stand somewhere, in this maze of

endless Russian nesting dharmas, and
it’s elephants all the way down
so set aside your decoder ring
and let’s have a spot of tea, shall we?

Kantian Know-Nothings

A thing is a thing
And you know that it’s true,
But a Kantian thing’s
Not so simple to do.

A Kantian thing
Is a thing-in-itself.
You can’t know it at all
Though it sits on the shelf.

A thing is a thing
If it is or it’s not.
Can we burgle Kant’s house
Of the things that he’s got?

Some things we will have
And some things we will know.
Some philosopher’s nonsense
Will just have to go!