Light particles already
waved their goodbye as
apparent effects when they entered the eye

See the studious chaps
when the functions collapse
asking who, what and where, also why

Probability means
what it means when it does
but cannot when it probably doesn't

Does not at all mean
the experiment seen
was such, when it probably wasn't

Veterans of the Big Bang

“the knuckle-atoms will not
commingle with the drywall-atoms”

scribbles the physicist in his

notes, pen gripped in a trembling
bleeding hand, chalky white dust
settling all over the lab

at the sub-atomic level everything
seems soft and fuzzy, uncommitted
to being, a penciled-in existence

but there’s a hardness to atoms
that makes you think they’ve
been through bad times, and

came out of it prepared
for the worst, unwilling anymore
to take shit off of anyone

mending their hearts, rectifying
the trauma, suffering PTSD from
their role in the Big Bang, and now

futilely adjusting, after all this time
to the hum-drum work-a-day life
of simply appearing solid

A Gentle But Stubborn Heresy

The Electron can hardly decide
To display an appearance or hide
The spark of synapses
Wave function collapses
The seer and seen coincide

If you wave to me I will take it as a sine

Aside from Einstein’s mind-bending notion of time as a dimension, Relativity also means that the data point D on the sine wave above is a part of the sine wave only in relation to all the other parts. Without that relationship it is a meaningless piece of data: an amplitude at a point in time. The waveform is like our breathing in and out, charting out the states between lung-full and lung-empty. But there is no point in time or thing you can isolate as a breath. It is a process, not a thing. Continue reading “A Gentle But Stubborn Heresy”