electronics chiming, beeping
calendar boxes addressed to us
reminders joining, streaming
it is all an insentient reminding

reminding me of something
the watched pot ever boiling
calling things to mind
sorely lacking for things, this mind

like things won’t come anyway
bursting in unsummoned
like water won’t seek
won’t join its own level

at least a paper calendar
can be twisted into kindling
that burning, hisses at the touch
of remembered raindrops

what are gods if not remembered
what is power, outside of
obedience to memory
what is the next thing

the corrections of matter, atoms
seeming indivisible memories
and forgetting our way in
breaking, entering, knowing

what shall I do
come these demands to my
bed, nudged from this sleep: the domain
of unknowable appointments

rushes are meeting, courting, mating
broods of baby rushes, feeding
reminds me all of something
temporarily lifelike