OMG Shoes!

Money is to the celebration of life what bilge pumps are to leaky boats. Staying afloat is a calculation made in the abstract, dollars being nothing more than IOUs that get passed around from one climber to another in the strange belief that debts are actually being paid.

I’m working on my 2020 taxes and find a weird sense of satisfaction at having earned little in a year that was the proverbial drawing board where I had to tape down the schematics and rework my life. Circumstance maneuvered me into an early and underfunded retirement, a kind of rug yank that left me and a certain global pandemic both finding our footings at the same time. Now I’m a pensioner with a paltry monthly allowance, like some punk being taught a sense of responsibility by well-meaning parents.

Good luck with that, let’s get some shoes!

Shoe Leather

Breathe us | fragile lives
Scholars of immortality
Shoe leather knows
A thing or two about walking

For each | a day bubbles
Up Like a fountain of youth
Under the climbing sun’s
Ambling summons

How did Shakespeare
Put it | whilst this machine
Is to him | cuffed
By law to this

Holding cell of
Flesh | straight jacket
Of bodily sensation
Interrogated there | outpaced
By thoughts

Sometime a Ballet

on a scale of one
to when, seen again and again
lace-mated shoe pairs
old nikes and reebok, adidas
dangle high and put on airs

who cares look now, ballerina
pointe shoes pirouette it
as she dances dark ideas
go to dance class, no forget it
twirled up with care to spare

in the air, retire on a wire
what culture, let’s fire
one up along the way
there’s a time for ballet
but get real, not today