Hackberry Moon

The untenable bloat
of a star-fed night
the belt of blackened sky
finds the end of its catches
and drawers, breaches the opened

Window of evening
baring to the plebeian fields
a pimpled moon—abruptly
   speeds away toward the dawn
rattling what remains

Of leaden, time-bound constellations
in a hooting, waxing mood
pranking the polished mirror
where the cosmos appear—

Did you see that, dear?

Accelerated Death Benefit Summary

    how you woo me with promises
    transcending the seal of mortality               
    while death, certain and life, unsure
    and the money, it defies gravity                         *
    it flows up, tainted, delirious waterfall
    rising ashes of burnt contracts—
                                                               *  *
        my policy is to twinkle   *
        right back at the stars             *             *     *
                                            *          *
    —until the summaries of                    *
    benefits can wait no more                           *
    and death accelerates like
    a crumpled wad of direct mail
    hurled into the gaping maw
    of eternity (represented here  
    by a waste basket)